Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New York City!

We went out to eat at Blue Smoke BBQ restaurant upstairs and listened and watched live Jazz downstairs.

The Empire State Building was close by to we went up to see the glorious view of the city lit up at night!

The Metropolitan Art Museum is massive! I loved looking at all the artwork. We came back here for a second visit later on in the week.

Dad and I pose in front of some great modern, abstract large pieces of artwork.

On the top of the Metropolitan Art Museum there was a great view of the city and some great big pieces of artwork.

The Guggenheim Art Museum, we also went to the Society of Illustrators Museum.
Rockefeller Center - we took an Arts and Observation tour of the area, and saw people ice skating.

My parents by a big tree in central park.
View of central park on top of the Rockefeller Building.

We heard the most amazing symphony at Lincoln Center - Falla's "La Vida Breve" there was an incredible flamenco dancer is a bright red dress too!
I heard this was an amazing broadway show. It cost a fortune to see, but it was an incredible performance!  We also saw Phantom of the Opera which was great.
We ate dinner in Times Square

Ground Zero Construction Site